Ms in Project Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Program Type: Master

Course Overview

The Ms in project management and entrepreneurship offers to go in more depth on several areas essential to the smooth running of your project. Thanks to advanced course modules, with business founders and team managers, you will, for example, review good managerial practices in order to manage all situations in your life as an entrepreneur; all with international focuses to prepare those who would like to do business abroad. The course will also give you the opportunity to become more familiar with all the financial aspects of developing a project, by addressing fundraising as well as the financial and accounting concepts necessary to master your future structure. Beyond these practical tools, the training will broaden your perception of entrepreneurship by making you aware of the particularities of this status from a sociological point of view; an essential approach to bring personal balance to your adventure. You will thus emerge from the course ready to bring your ideas to fruition having benefited from support from the Business Project College teams which will allow you to put your personal project at the heart of these two years of Ms, the aim being to work as soon as possible and to concrete way on your concept.

Course Specialization

  • Management/Business

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  • #Design#Webdesign#ecommerce#SEO#Marketing#MBA#DigitalMarketing#YouTube#Projectmanagement.

Course Category

  • Business


  • Required Qualification : Graduate
  • Required Specialization : Bachelors Degree
  • Age Limit : 32

Priority Deadline

  • 2024-04-25 to 2024-07-31

Course Features

    Business Strategy Corporate law E-commerce Agile methods Sociology of the entrepreneur Buzz and viral communication Social media management team management Lean start-up Entrepreneurial finance Fundraising Risk management Web development PAO UX/UI Design Advanced leadership Pitch Creation of start-ups


    1. Marketing Manager: With expertise in both marketing and project management, you could take on leadership roles in marketing departments, overseeing campaigns, strategy development, and team management. 2. Project Manager: Your understanding of project management principles makes you well-suited for roles where you manage marketing projects from conception to execution, ensuring they stay on budget and schedule. 3. Product Manager: In this role, you would be responsible for the development and marketing of a product or service from inception to launch, coordinating various teams and overseeing the entire lifecycle. 4. Digital Marketing Specialist: With the growing importance of digital channels, your skills in marketing coupled with project management could land you roles specializing in digital marketing strategies, campaigns, and analytics. 5. Brand Manager: You could work on developing and maintaining the brand identity of a company or product, overseeing marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and brand positioning. 6. Market Research Analyst: Your knowledge of marketing can be applied to analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes, while your project management skills ensure research projects are executed efficiently. 7. Consultant: Many firms require consultants who can advise on marketing strategies, project implementation, and process improvement. Your dual expertise could be highly valuable in such roles. 8. Advertising Account Executive: You could work for advertising agencies, managing client accounts, developing advertising campaigns, and ensuring projects are delivered according to client expectations. 9. Public Relations Manager: Your skills in communication, project management, and marketing can be utilized in managing public relations campaigns, handling media relations, and managing crises. 10. Event Manager: Your project management skills make you well-equipped to organize and execute marketing events, such as product launches, trade shows, or corporate events.
SEMESTER I - 27 ECTS • Geopolitics • Business plan and business model • Business intelligence • International Project Management • Risk Management • Crisis communication • Financial Analysis • Management of organisations • Sustainable development & social issues • French classes • Team management SEMESTER II - 33 ECTS • Communication strategy • Brand strategy • Digital strategy • Innovation marketing • Mobile Marketing • Webmarketing & Social media • E-reputation • French classes • Masterclass • Workshop • Professional project • Business project SEMESTER III - 32 ECTS • Entrepreneurial Culture • Intercultural Management • Geopolitics • International Business Law • International Business Development • International Communication Strategy • Financial Analysis • International Market Analysis • International Development Strategy • Corporate Culture & CSR • Innovation - Research & Development • Inbound Marketing SEMESTER IV - 28 ECTS • Web Development II • DTP (Desktop Publishing) • FRENCH • Advanced Leadership • Storytelling • Conflict Management • Masterclass • Workshop • Professional Project • Creativity Week

Application Procedure

    Admission Checklist • Curriculum Vitae • Copy of Passport (First & Last Page) • Visa and/or Residence Card (If Any) • Motivation Letter • Passport Size Photo • Work Experience (If Any) • Scanned Copy of Application Form (Fully Filled & Signed) • Additional Certificates (If Any) • Marksheets, Transcripts, Consolidated, Provisional & Degree Certificates for all levels viz. school, high school, bachelors. • English Test Required: IELTS (6)
Course Price

€ 18690

  • MQF / EQF Level:Not Disclosed
  • ECTS:180
  • Duration:2 year
  • Intake Month :Sep - 2024
  • Language:English
  • Mode of Study:Full Time