Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and DataBase

  • Program Type: Diploma

Course Overview

This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to control and manage information with the AI like a professional. Throughout this course, you will learn about programming languages such as Python and R, in addition to gaining an in-depth understanding of storage environments and data warehouses. You will also be able to create comprehensive Big Data projects, and be introduced to data models. This course will teach you how to implement and use a Data Base Management System (DBMS), understand connection gateways, and manage and control information systems. The IHMGS School’s Master in Master in Artificial Intelligence and Analitical DataBase is available in Spain and is perfect for students who are interested in exploring technical skills in the field of programming and Marketing. We look forward to helping you excel in your professional career.

Course Specialization

  • Artificial Intelligence and DataBase

Course Tag

  • Integration of marketing and technological processes, AI, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing

Course Category

  • Technology


  • Required Qualification : HSC
  • Required Specialization : Having completed studies related to the Computer Sciences sector in their country of origin in a recognized official center (universities or highly qualified institutions)
  • Age Limit : Maximum 35 years

Priority Deadline

  • 2024-05-01 to 2024-08-15

Course Features

    1. Certification from IHMGS School 2. Complete Studies Program 3. Spanish Language Course 4. Assistance in the processing of visas and documents necessary to study in Spain 5. Individualized assistance during your stay in Spain 6. Optional cultural activities in Spain 7. Optional Internships may be available, conditions apply


    Not Disclosed
MODULE 1 INTRODUCTION TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Identification of basic A.I. concepts: Characterization of Artificial Intelligence Basic business concepts linked to A.I. Types of A.I. models based on: efficiency and customer Differentiating and contextualizing A.I., Machine Learning and Deep Learning Distinguishing the fields of application of Artificial Intelligence in the current socio-economic context: Impact on the A.I .industry and digital economy. Demonstration of the impact of robotization on human tasks. MODULE 2 MARTECH, BIG DATA AND E-COMMERCE Identification of the main concepts of the application of digital marketing in Artificial Intelligence: Conceptualization of Mar-Tech: integration of marketing and technological processes Relationship between A.I. and digital marketing. Digital business, collaborative economy and the autonomous era. Interpretation of the impact of the “Data Market”: Context of e-Commerce in the Spanish market Analysis of the impact of the “Data Market” on the traditional economy MODULE 3 DIGITAL MARKETING Characterization of Digital Marketing: Strategic fundamentals of Digital Marketing Basic elements of a Digital Marketing strategy Procurement channels and on line communication channels Configuration of a web metrics dashboard: Measurement indicators: choice of main KPI sand elaboration of a monitoring dashboard. Growth Hacking Techniques Calculating, choosing and analyzing digital business metrics Execution of customer-oriented digital marketing strategies: Choice of tools for the development of the CRM strategy. Study and analysis of paid and organic media. MODULE 4 A.I. APPLICATIONS IN MARKETING DIGITAL Development and application of A.I. solutions in digital content management: Generation and curation of content on social networks. Programmatic search engine advertising. Identification of communication and assistance tools in digital marketing: Use of the Voice Search solution in keyword searches. Inclusion of A.I. in virtual assistants & Chat bots Analysis of on line user behavior in E-Commerce: Use of Marketing Automation tools: Connectif, Probance, Hotjar, Hubspot, Market o or Infusion Soft, among others. Web Design and User Experience (UX) monitoring tools. Predictive Analytics: maximize customer lifetime value, optimize purchase probability and reduce customer churn. MODULE 5 IA AND MARKETING AUTOMATION Analysis of the strategic discipline Customer Experience: Customer Journey Mapping and Touch Points MOT, Customer in sight and Empathy Mapping 10 CXM: Customer Experience Management Generalization of the digital marketing methodology Conversion Funnel: Conversion Funnel Concept Digital marketing methodology Conversion funnels Implementing A.I. in a comprehensive Automation Marketing strategy: Development of a comprehensive strategy and detailed Work flows End-to-end solutions for: E-mail Marketing, automated product recommendation, push notifications in the browser, automated CRM strategy in the database and automatic e-mails according to UX. Demonstration on thee Commerce platform Word-Press: Word-Press basics. Implementation of the Active Member 360 Plug-in. MODULE 6 IA BUSINESS CASE APPLIED TO BUSINESS DIGITAL Characterization of the development of the success story: Basic concepts of Agile Methodologies and their application in Marketing. Fundamental soft technology marketing project management. Complete Project Management process: from design thinking to the final product. Word-Press Analytics with Active Member 360 Plug-in. Research and development of the Case Study: Main conclusions regarding the benefit of the use of A.I. on business performance. Benefits of using A.I. and increasing profits.

Application Procedure

    1. Forward all documents as required along with application form Documents Checklist: Application Form All Academics Marksheet/ Transcript & Certificates (School, High School & Bachelor's) Updated CV Passport Work Experience (If Any) 2. Student needs to clear 02 rounds of interview for the selection process 3. Conditional Offer Letter is expected in a week 4. Deadline to pay fees will be 07 working days only 5. Later, we will assist you for the visa process
Course Price

€ 6000

  • MQF / EQF Level:Not Disclosed
  • ECTS:18
  • Duration:1 year
  • Intake Month :Sep - 2024
  • Language:English
  • Mode of Study:Full Time